Here Are A Few Tips To Use A Laser Rangefinder September 5, 2017

A common myth surrounding laser rangefinders is that they are very difficult to use. But the truth is not that! They are actually listed in some of the best golf rangefinders. The difference lies in the way you use them. Once you have the proper practice, then they are the most efficient ones. Here are a few tips to help you with their use!

Make use of the videos
A lot of resources like are available to learn the current trends in golf. Make use of them. Watch good videos about laser rangefinders; choose those videos which are most popular and is recommended by the manufacturers. A video tutorial is the best way to learn something new. Spend some time finding the most appropriate videos and then watch them carefully.

Understand the instructions thoroughly
Most of the products come with detailed instructions. If you do not find instruction manual along with the product, then go to the manufacturer’s website. There would be detailed instructions along with pictures. Go through them carefully and understand what is to be done at each stage.

Figure out the distance first
The first-time users may find it a little difficult to use golf rangefinders if their hands are not steady. But don’t worry! Golf manufacturers themselves have ways to help you. These devices make use of technology to differentiate the distance to the flag and the things behind the flag. The rangefinder should be aimed to ground first and then to the target to decrease the chance for errors.

Start by trying out large and close targets
It is always best to start simple. So, begin by targeting something which is large and close (which are not more than 100 yards) This would help in increasing the steadiness of your hands and would let you gain control over the device. If you are not able to do this step properly, then go back and read the instructions once again and ensure that you have followed them rightly. Also, cross check that the device you bought is not faulty.

Target the flags
If the driving range where you practice have flags on it, then practice by targeting the flags. Focus on the flag and not just the pin; this is easier because the chances of hitting the flag are more than that of the pin. Start with flags that are close. Do not stop when you are successful with one or two flags. Practice continuously until you are able to do it right consistently.

Do not expect a cakewalk!
Mastering any skill requires consistent effort and practice. So, do not expect magical results within the initial trials. Continue your efforts until your readings are robust and consistent.

Verification is a must!
It is sure that with constant practice, you would master your rangefinder. Even after mastering it, it would be good to verify that the distance you find out matches with your location knowledge. If there is a wide difference in the values, then you would have to try laser targeting one more time. Cross checking is always wise!

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