Understanding And Decoding Your Body Type November 23, 2016

daUsually, people wear what they are comfortable with and what looks best on them. This is probably the most consistent fashion knowledge that everyone has. It could be that little black dress you can’t let go of, that favorite wide-legged pants you have, your favorite red dress, etc. How are you supposed to try something different if you keep wearing the same set of clothes? For once, instead of buying clothes that you like, you can go for clothes that fit your body type. https://www.stylewe.com/deals/thanksgiving-day.html brings you the perfect guide on how to go about doing this. The area where the fashion industry makes most of their money is in the children’s wear department. If you need more proof, check out https://fashionbi.com/insights/marketing-analysis/children-s-wear-sector-is-where-the-money-is.

What exactly makes a body shape? Body shape relates to the proportion of your body. It’s not about the height and weight alone. A slim girl can have the same body type as that of the curvy girl and likewise a short girl can have the same shape as her tall friend. Therefore, it’s not just about looking thin. It is about enhancing your body type so that you look and feel good about the outfit you are wearing.

Each one of us and our bodies is different. Therefore, our body shape can be categorized into pear, apple, wedge, rectangle and hourglass. Each person will fall into one of these body types. Once you find which category you fall into, it becomes very easy to determine what you can wear and which one will fit you. You need to stand in front of the mirror and assess your body type so that you can understand your body completely.

Pear Body Type
If you are pear shaped, your lower body is wider than your upper body. You have broader hips and narrow shoulders. The bottom portion of your body is round, and the waist portion is well-defined. People who belong to this body type should wear clothes that show off their shoulders and torso portion of the body. Therefore, go for sweetheart or scoop type of neckline. You can also go for a tulip type of skirt. Avoid wearing A-line skirts, ruffled tops and pointed shoes.

Wedge-Shaped Body
This body type resembles an inverted triangle. The chest portion is broader, and the shoulders are wide with narrow waist and hips. The clothes that will suit you best are the ones that show off your lower body at the same times softens your shoulders. You can wear a strapless dress with chunky jewelry or a necklace that focuses attention on your neckline. Do not wear full-length skirts or wide legged pants if you are wedge bodied.

Rectangle-Shaped Body
Waist, shoulder and the hip portion of the body look similar. If you are rectangle-shaped, your arms and legs are the best parts of your body. A sweetheart neckline can and some curves to your body and a pencil skirt with slits on the sides can show off your legs.

We hope these examples help you in nailing the perfect style for your body.

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